Jane Addams to Katharine Coman, February 18, 1908


February 18th-08.

My dear Miss Coman:--

I am very much obliged for the manuscript which I have begun with the keenest interest and pleasure; there is no doubt that I shall certainly read it.

I called up Mrs. McCormick this morning. In regard to an appointment, she says she will be glad to have us come almost any afternoon that we care to set but that she has pledged herself so heavily this year for educational purposes in the south that she cannot give any more.

I told her that you wished to tell her of the school and she says she is interested and always read all the literature that was sent to her about it and would be glad to know more of its recent developments.

I am sorry not to have a more encouraging report to give but it is, of course, possible that she will still decide to help with the new building.

Shall we try to make an appointment this week with her?

Sincerely yours,
Jane Addams [signed]

Miss Coman, La Grange, Ill.

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