Margaret Smith Hoblitt to Jane Addams, March 15, 1922


My dear Miss Addams, --

The packet which came to me yesterday from [Macmillan's] makes me proud and happy. And your kind little note of sympathy was and is precious to me in spite of the fact that -- as I have learned to my chagrin, it was not unsolicited. If I did not love Dr. Wisterni so much, [page 2] I'm afraid I should be a bit vexed with her. But you will perhaps understand that nothing is ever farther from my own thoughts than the making of a bid for sympathy.

I have tried more than once to write you, but my strength has been barely equal to what was absolutely necessary to be done. As to plans, I have none beyond [page 3] a rest in Evanston. Even that was made dubious at first by my sister's illness of which for three weeks I heard just enough to keep me in great alarm. She seems to be herself again now, and is urging me to come on at once. [There] is still a little business however to hold me here for a week or two, as I am executor for a scrap of an estate. [page 4]

Pray believe that it will always be a joy to come to Hull-House as it always has been since Connie Trowbridge first showed me the way. It is with the hope that I may find you there "a little hour or so" very soon that I am now

Most gratefully yours,

Margaret Hoblitt

2719 Bever Av.
Cedar Rapids
March the fifteenth

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