Alice Chipman Dewey to Jane Addams, May 13, 1922

2880 Broadway New York City
May 13th, 1922.

Dear Miss Addams.

It was a real thrill to swing out into the large [through] your book yesterday on the train -- after some tedious times of harrying domestic affairs which had almost extinguished my sense of relationship with concerted life. Another thing, was the thrill of revival of prewar thoughts, getting into relation with a past self which Chinese life had helped to make me forget. Thanks to you for both these illuminations. I found when I came to "scan" my own mind it was hard to distinguish a clear result. I can hardly tell now why I acted and thought as I did ↑in 1916-18↓. I wonder if too close thinking with another creates confusion, no matter how hard ones tries to escape that. Perhaps it is like listening in this city to the voices within the house with the outside world going on all the time ↑in my ears.↓

Well, any ways, thanks for the book. I wish there might come a time when we could talk over again those living ideas which we have seen in a new light [through] so much loss of a past vision which we used to call a clear vision. Thank you for including my name in the flattering word of "gratitude." Like all flattery I regard it with pleasure not because I fail to see its exaggeration, but because I am grateful to you for wishing me well enough to say it. I am reviewing those days with Mrs Thomas we passed here and I wish out of it all I could see a new solid base from [page 2] which to make a new run, with all the knowledge gained from clear mistakes, more and more is the failure of theory impressed upon me as seen in contrast with the actual working out of nature, but it is not easy to see surer ways of changing that nature.

I become reminiscent in thinking of you and of your ideas for I do not realize the commonness of our existence ↑since↓ I left Chicago; and in this connection I deplore the last weak and sad impression left to the world by [Tolstoy] the artist who had given us such an uplift and stimulus in our earlier ↑life.↓

Thank you again for sending us the book and for having written it.

Most affectionately yours,

Alice C. Dewey [signed]

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