Jane Addams to Paul Underwood Kellogg, December 21, 1921

American Relief for Russian Women and Children
Room 1318, 19 South La Salle Street, Chicago

Dec 21 1921

Dear Mr Kellogg;

I am sending along the next chapter but I strongly [recommend] ↑[illegible]↓ that you begin on page 127 as I have marked and go to the end.

I am awfully tired of the bayonet story, I could not leave it out of the book but there is no need in printing it twice. The remainder of the chapter makes more than 2500 words which is sure enough!

If the Book comes out early in Feb'y will you want the last chapter. I have been asked to send something to The Yale Review but will take nothing from ↑the last chapter↓ until I hear from you.

Hastily yours

Jane Addams [signed]

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