Paul Underwood Kellogg to Jane Addams, December 20, 1921

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December 20, 1921

Miss Jane Addams,
Hull House,
Chicago, Illinois.

Dear Miss Addams:

Professor Hendrik van Loon of Antioch College, who started the series of cartoons for us in The Survey and of whose children's Story of Mankind, with its quaint and [marvelous] and spirited drawings, you have heard, is spending the Christmas holiday in Chicago.

Professor van Loon is anxious to get in touch with The Survey friends there and talk over with them ideas which can be treated by him in pen and pencil during the course of the year. We think we have made a rare find in enlisting Professor van Loon to do the social cartoons for The Survey and I am sure he can count on your ready sympathy and suggestions.

Also no doubt he will be glad to get in touch with some of the things which are going forward in Chicago which a man of his deep social insight and quickening sympathy would want to know. I have given Professor van Loon notes of introduction to you, Professor Taylor, Miss McDowell and Mr. Carl Sandburg; and I am wondering if, even in the midst of your Christmas holidays and its rush you might have him out to tea some afternoon at Hull House, asking half a dozen people to come to meet him. Such a little conference will fill him chuck full of ideas which would have a pleasant mid-western tang to counter-balance provincial leads he gets from New York. And from all I hear -- I have never met Professor van Loon -- you will find him a very engaging visitor. He can be reached care [of] "Hostetter, Casonovia, [749] Oakwood Avenue, Chicago.