Emily Greene Balch to Jane Addams, March 20, 1922


March 20

Dear Miss Addams

I am not sure how far Catherine Marshall ever found time to explain the selection to the International Committee of [illegible] Relief for Russia which [approved] Nansen & supports his work. Did you ever know that we agreed, she and Mlle Gobat & I, who were on the spot, that our League, being one of the constituent members, would, like all the others, undertake to raise a certain quota of the administrative expenses so that it might be possible to make the effective statement that all contributions go to direct relief none to without deduction for overhead. Our quota is the smallest of all -- but it is £10 a month. We have secured money to cover this up to Feb (and even £3 of Februarys) but the remaining 7th for Feb. & the £10 for March are to be raised and the money for subsequent months. [page 2] 

You must not be asked to raise or give more than you are doing but it did occur to me that you might have had some money contributed in such a shape that you could properly send it to the Nansen Commissariat through our office to be credited to our share of administrative expenses.

I don't remember whether I told you that Mrs. Robinson will go as the English member for the speaking tour. I think it is quite fine. I do hope meetings will now be arranged among working people and that with Mrs Robinson, Mlle Dejardin (an inspector of labor) & G. Baer we can break into that vast world.

Yours ever

E. G. B.