Marianne Hainisch to Emily Greene Balch, April 1922


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Copy from letter from Marianne Hainisch, Wien,n April 1922.

Dear valued woman,

I look forward with great interest to the Congress Report. Your mission is a very valuable one, and I expect you to have better successes than the gentlemen in Genoa; you are not working for yourself, but for the good of mankind. This feeling must strengthen you.

We are currently working very hard here on international understanding. The Red Cross management is wonderful. The Austrian section of the League of Nations is very active, gives lessons to many children; I will speak at the "Fellowship of Reconciliation" on 17 May about the topic: Peace on Earth. We do what we can, but the powerful prevent any success. At least let's keep working.

With the warmest greetings in appreciation

[sign.] Marianne Hainisch.