Clara Landsberg to Jane Addams, February 18, 1922


Feb 18, 1922


Dear Miss Addams,

You must forgive my not having written about your German woman who was exiled by Germany before this. I waited until I had time to go to see her as I did not want her to come here and I could only judge whether we could do anything for her by talking to her. I am afraid nothing can be done. She lives in a comfortable house with relatives who, I think, are very good to keep her. She says very plainly that they are not her equals in education and that they expect her to dry dishes. They live [page 2] in the suburbs, and probably have only one servant and help with the housework. Mrs --  feels that women all over the world should help her to move the German government to allow her to return and to give her large sums of money that have been taken from her. She also wishes the United States government to publish [two] books she has written on her wrongs. You see it is not a case that you or the W.I.L. could possibly help. I am not even sure she is sane. At any rate, she is with people who live comfortably & evidently have no intention of putting her out. Worse & worse reports come from Austria. It is hard not to be on the spot where the need is so great. I hope you are feeling better.

Affectionately yours, Clara Landsberg

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