Charles Edward Merriam Jr. to Jane Addams, December 26, 1921


The University of Chicago

Dec. 26th, 1921

My dear Miss Addams: --

I hope you will not allow the Tribune's attack upon your activities to worry you. It is not correct historically to conclude that "humanitarians" are any less exposed to contumely than "statesmen" or "politicians", as the roll of the great "humanitarians" shows. Vested rights and vested wrongs will fight back no matter how they are attacked, whether by statesmen, politicians or by humanitarians. "Woe unto thee, when all men speak well of thee".

Specifically, the Tribune for a quarter of a century has consistently undermined any person who became a champion of liberal causes -- openly attacked when they dared and covertly when not openly. This is a policy to which they are fully entitled, only everyone does not understand. They assailed Dunne (and you) in his day; they attacked "King Fisher" until he ceased to draw their fire; they derided Raymond [Robins] for many years; and on a smaller scale they have artistically treated me. I might tell you sometime, if you are interested, the story of my first contact with their organization in 1909, at the time when I first ran for alderman.

The work you are doing is beyond the praise or blame of the Tribune or any other local paper of any locality; and I sincerely trust it will not disturb, or turn you from your appointed path and work.

↑With best wishes↓,

Charles E Merriam [signed]

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