Eugenie Miskolczy-Meller to Jane Addams, December 8, 1921


Budapest, [VII]. Wesselényi-u. 6. Dec. 8th 1921.

Dearest Miss Addams,

The festivities of love and goodwill and peace approaching I cannot help but remember you most heartily, who with [all] your thoughts and feelings, with every throb of your heart are creating round you an atmosphere of love and hope. The consciousness of so many grateful hearts wishing you all possible blessings is sure to make you a joyous, restful [page 2] holy day. I should like to assure you, that I am one of your most fervent admirers and one of those whom you have personally infinitely obliged by your kindness.

Maybe, you still remember, how discouraged and hopeless my two elder daughters were and on that account how distressed myself. Since you have given us some encouraging words, assuring us, that you will not find a difficulty [page 3] in finding [them] employment in America, they have regained their energy and are studying fervently. Lori, the medical student hopes to be graduated in about half a year; and the [gardener?] is training for laboratory assistant in [default] of [work] in her own trade.

In our work for our common cause we are still hampered very much: you know, [and] our dear president was not allowed to follow your flattering and [page 4] enticing call. Conditions have not improved since your visit. We place trust in the unceasing and courageous work of our dear comrades abroad, believing the success of their [endeavors] to help us ultimately.

Believe us, dear Miss Addams, my whole family as well as myself, to be ever yours very respectfully and lovingly

Eugenie Miskolczy-Meller

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