Jane Addams to Ellen Wayles Coolidge, November 30, 1921.


30 November 1921.

My dear Miss Coolidge:

I think that I must have referred to Mme. Duchêne, the head of the French Section of the Women's International League. Her address is 10 Rue de Tokio. She is extremely well informed upon all sorts of working conditions, especially those of women, but I am ↑not↓ sure of her attitude toward settlements, and think she rather considers them "rose water for the plague".

However, I am sure you would have a kind reception if you told her that I had suggested your calling upon her, or writing to her, whichever you prefer.

I can not possibly come to Europe next summer, as I will probably be obliged to go the following summer to our biennial meeting. [page 2]

We are about to have a ↑Nat.↓ Settlement Conference in New York, and I will write you after that. I am getting this off hurriedly so that you may have Mme. Duchêne's address.

I am sure I need not assure you what a pleasure it was to see you last summer, and to have been any use to you in our mutual undertaking.

Faithfully yours,

Jane Addams [signed]