Maude Slade Odell to Jane Addams, November 21, 1921



1623 H STREET N.W.

November 21' 1921

Dear Miss Addams,

Thank you for your telegram about the letters and circulars. I had hoped to have them go out with the bulletin, and had instructed the Addressograph Co. to hold this until they heard from me. But through a misunderstanding, the bulletins were put into the mail before the letters arrived. Do you think that they might wait now until the next notice goes out? It would save us about $40.00 if they could.

I hope that the bulletin with our quotations from Mrs. Burch's speech at the Council's Mass meeting will not bring a storm of disapproval on our heads. We did it in all innocence. At the Executive Board meeting The Board agreed at Mrs. Lewis' suggestion that we should go on record as believing that we stood for complete and universal disarmament. I had supposed that The League had taken this stand. I am now told that this not true. It seems to me that it is something which must certainly be settled at the meeting in December.

One more thing, Miss Addams, -- Do you feel that we must have all women speakers at the December 11th mass meeting there is some difference of opinion about this here, and I would very much like to know your wishes in this matter. Will you let us hear from you? Again thanking you for your kindness in wiring me,

Yours sincerely,

Maude Odell [signed]