Emily Greene Balch to Jane Addams, November 21, 1921


Nov 21/21

Dearest Miss Addams,

[Hurrah] on the book, I am so pleased. I feared you were still hesitating whether to go on with it or not. I am glad enough that it is to appear. I believe it will be of great use & great interest.

I am returning herewith the 2 news sheets. I wish we could arrange for each local group to get a copy.

I also thank you for the copy of Olga Misař's letter and that of the Ukranian women ↑(returned also)↓. I wish we had people in each of our larger [centers] who could get this sort of matter into [newspapers], only simplified and emphasized. Let us talk of this channel of service, when we meet.

I enclose the paper heading with [page 2] a list of correspondents & corresponding societies. If you wish to [illegible] only the letter now [illegible] all not [illegible]

I think you are right on thinking I must (most reluctantly) give up going to Chicago. I am planning to go for a fortnight of completely "away from time" with one sister between Thanksgiving and was Dec 10 when I look forward with great pleasure to being in Washington. I do feel very slumpy still but when I take up work again I shall [return] all right even if I am not wholly rested (and I hope that before then I shall be so). I have engaged passage on the Lorraine Jan 7 and have written Mme Duchêne whether to ask whether I can be of any use in France on my way to Geneva. [page 3]

I agree that a resolution on Austria and Russia such as you suggest would be fine. I wish we might see some pivotal people in Washington especially about the Austrian credits. I have written to Mr. Percy Blair in the Department of State who I am told knows all about this question asking for further information.

Before I go back I want to find out what is the best make of [illegible] machine for multigraphing and possibly make an effort to bring one back with me. [page 4]

Have you any views on this?

Thank you for letting me see Dr. Zvepp's pamphlet & interesting & lovely poem. (Returned herewith).

I am also returning two of the documents in re the Nansen Russian Committee.

Suttner Monument returned herewith. This plan seems sponsored by all our friends.

Perhaps this is enough for one time!

Always affectionately yours

Emily G Balch