Contract between Jane Addams and Macmillan Company, March 4, 1909


Agreement, made the ↑fourth↓ day of ↑March 1909↓ between ↑Miss Jane Addams↓ of ↑Hull House, Chicago, Illinois↓ and THE MACMILLAN COMPANY, of the City of New York, Publishers.

  1. Said ↑Jane Addams↓ hereby grants and assigns to THE MACMILLAN COMPANY a work, the subject or title of which is ↑Juvenile Delinquency and Public Morality (title subject to change) -- The Spirit of Youth and the City Streets.↓ with all translations, abridgments, selections, and rights thereof of said work, or parts thereof, with exclusive right and power, in its own name, or in the name of said ↑Jane Addams↓ to take out copyright thereof, and any renewal of the same, and publish said work during the copyright term of said copyright in all languages. The said ↑Jane Addams↓ guarantees that ↑she↓ is the sole owner of said work and has full power and authority to make this contract; that said work is not a violation of any copyright and contains no scandalous or libelous matter; that ↑she↓ will defend, indemnify, make good and hold harmless THE MACMILLAN COMPANY against all claims, demands, suits, actions or causes of action made or brought against said Company, and against all loss, damage, costs, charges and expenses that the said Company shall sustain or incur on account or by reason of any scandalous or libelous matter contained in or alleged to be contained in said work, or any violation or alleged violation by said work of any copyright.
  2. THE MACMILLAN COMPANY agrees to publish said work at its own expense, in such style as it deems best suited to the sale of the work and to pay said ↑Jane Addams, her↓ representatives or assigned, ↑thirteen (13%)↓ per cent on its retail price for each copy by it sold. And THE MACMILLAN COMPANY shall render always, annual statements of account, in the month of July, and make settlements in cash four months after date of each statement. In case an edition of the work shall be sold at a reduced price for export, the percentage to be paid thereof to said ↑Jane Addams↓ shall be ↑thirteen (13%)↓ per cent on the export price. ↑And see Section 9.↓
  3. THE MACMILLAN COMPANY may publish or permit others to publish such selections from said work as it thinks proper to benefit its sale without compensation to the grantor herein, but the compensation for translations and dramatizations shall be subject to agreements between the parties hereto.
  4. Alterations in type, plates, or otherwise in the work, after delivery of copy to THE MACMILLAN COMPANY, which exceed ↑ten (10%)↓ per cent of the cost of original composition [page 2], shall be at the expense of said ↑Jane Addams↓ and any index that may be required by THE MACMILLAN COMPANY shall be prepared by said ↑Jane Addams↓or at ↑her↓ expense.
  5. If the plates or type forms be rendered valueless by fire or otherwise THE MACMILLAN COMPANY shall have the option of reproducing them or not, and if it declines to do so, then, after the sales of all copies remaining on hand, it shall reconvey the copyright and all rights herein granted to said ↑Jane Addams, her↓ heirs or assigns, and this contract shall terminate.
  6. If, at any time after two years from the date of publication, THE MACMILLAN COMPANY shall be satisfied that the public demand does not justify the continued publication of the work, or if for any other cause it shall deem its further publication improper or inexpedient, then it may offer in writing, to said ↑Jane Addams, her↓ heirs or assigns, the plates and any original engravings or illustrations to said work at half cost, and all copies then on hand at cost, and said ↑Jane Addams, her↓ heirs or assigns shall have the right within sixty day to take and pay for the same, and shall thereupon become sole owner of the copyright herein named, and THE MACMILLAN COMPANY shall thereupon transfer such copyright, but if said offer be not accepted and such payment made within sixty days, then THE MACMILLAN COMPANY may destroy the plates, and sell all copies then on hand free of percentage to said ↑Jane Addams, her↓ heirs or assigns, and this agreement shall thereupon terminate, the copyright reverting to said ↑Jane Addams, her↓ heirs or assigns.
  7. This contract may be assigned by either party, and the assignee thereof shall have all the rights and remedies of the original parties hereto, but only as a whole, and neither party shall assign any part interest therein.
  8. Six copies of the complete work will be furnished on publication to said ↑Jane Addams↓ by THE MACMILLAN COMPANY without charge.
  9. After the sale of fifteen hundred (1500) copies of said work The Macmillan Company agrees to increase the royalty provided for in Section 2 to fifteen (15%) per cent on all further copies sold. 
  10. The Macmillan Company agrees to pay to said Jane Addams on the publication of said work, the sum of One Hundred ($100.00) Dollars, on account of the royalty provided for in Sections 2 and 9. 
George P. Brett [signed] PRESIDENT.