Jane Addams to Stanley Ross Linn, November 11, 1921

12 W. Walton Place
Nov 11" 1921

My dear Stanley,

We are still waiting for my cold to clear up but hope to leave for Baltimore next Monday Nov 16th.

I will be at the Johns Hopkins Hospital but Mary Smith will be staying with her friend Mrs Niver whose husband is a retired clergyman & I will convalesce there. All letters should better be sent in her care --

Mrs Edwin NIVER.
Maryland [page 2]

You didn't write me how much you owed the bank. I will put in a check for $500.00 which we [will] care the [two words illegible] & the Xmas check but I hope it will also do something at the bank.

Please let me know what it is as soon as I get back and I am sure that I can help in it. Don't be worried, Mary Smith will telegraph you after the operation & all the doctors are very optimistic.

Please give love to the family who sent the lovely letter.

Always your loving Aunt

Jane Addams

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