Secretary of Lillian D. Wald to Jane Addams, May 10, 1921


Dear Miss Addams:

When Miss Wald went to Saugatuck she left with me your letter to her about Mrs. Clare Sheridan.

I have only just succeeded in getting Mrs. Sheridan on the telephone, and she is very glad indeed to go to Chicago to speak in behalf of the Russian Relief for Women and Children. She can keep such an engagement any time between May 17th and June 16th, on which date she expects to leave for Mexico. She is extremely interested in the Russian Relief work, although at the same time she is, as you doubtless know, dependent upon her own resources. She would ↑therefore↓ want at least her expenses for the trip, but would leave to you the question of any honorarium for her speech. Mrs. Sheridan believes that a Mrs. [Robins] of Chicago would probably "put her up while in the city". She would like to stay for a couple of days and see a little of Chicago.

She told me that her sculptures are now being exhibited in Philadelphia, and she has been told that it would not be advisable to exhibit them in Chicago in the warm weather.

I suggested to Mrs. Sheridan that you would probably wish to continue the correspondence with regard to further details with her direct, and she advised me that you may address her at 13 East 55th Street.

If there is anything further that I can do for you in connection with this matter you will, of course, know how willing we are to be of service.

Very sincerely yours,

Secretary to Miss Wald.

Miss Jane Addams,
Chicago, Ill.

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