Irene Osgood to Jane Addams, November 12, 1908


Nov. 12, 1908.

Miss Jane Addams,
Hull House,
Chicago, Ill.

My dear Miss Addams:

Professor Commons and I were very sorry indeed not to see you the morning we left. I had expected to stay over but I found myself extremely tired and thought it best to go straight to Madison. It is very kind indeed for the Illinois Section to begin so early bearing expenses, and we hesitate to send in our bill, but if you think you can easily do so, Professor Commons' bill is $6.90 and mine is $6.20. I am very enthusiastic indeed over the new local. The returns were splendid that evening, and we have been heading from Chicago right along since. Yesterday one unexpected contribution of $10.00 came in.

I am enclosing the list of the Illinois Members of the Association. I am sending also a copy to Professor Freund, Professor Henderson and Mr. Grant. I expected to take the little booklets which were left over in your room back with me, but forgot to do so in the morning. Possibly Mr. Grant would like twenty or thirty of them for occasional distribution, and the others can remain there if you can find place for them until I come down again or send for them.

I cannot tell you how much I appreciate stopping at Hull [page 2] House. Life gets terribly monotonous and one-sided here, and when I go to Chicago I feel as if I had once more gotten close to the heart of things. I sincerely hope that I may some time spend a longer time at Hull House.

Yours very truly,