Velona Pilcher to Jane Addams, July 27, 1921

21, Kenway Road, London S.W.5.
July 27, 1921

Miss Jane Addams,
Mozarteum, Salzburg, Austria

My dear Miss Addams;

I have just written to Miss Royds to tell her that I shall not be able, as I had planned, to attend the Salzburg Summer School. However, as I had made full arrangements with the Chicago Tribune and the New York Times, to send them news and special stories regarding the school, it occurs to me that perhaps you would be interested in taking advantage of these two publicity openings which I made. Please do not think me a propagandist. I do not even know whether or not the Women's International League is anxious for publicity. And although I have explained all this to Miss Royds, I am writing you personally (Miss Royds tells me there is no secretary with the America delegation, or I should not trouble you) because, as [illegible] the above mentioned papers are American, you might care to take advantage of their desire for news.

If so, a few notes about the school sent to me -- or, better, a personal publishable statement from you, -- would be most welcome. But perhaps you would prefer to communicate directly with the European Representatives of the two papers. In any case, I should like you to know that the opening is there; and I am very sorry that illness prevented me from coming to Salzburg and following it up myself.

Very sincerely,

Velona Pilcher [signed]