Ellen Wayles Coolidge to Jane Addams, June 29, 1921

June 29th 1921.
65 rue des Saints Peres

Dear Miss Addams,

I hope you received Miss Williams address and the circular, which I should not have carried off with me, before you left Paris. My messenger told me they assured her that you were still in the hotel.

I feel somewhat cheered tonight by a pleasant letter [page 2] from the women of the Women's University Settlement saying they would be interested in having young French workers come to stay with them, as, though they were accustomed to foreigners, they had never had any French. The [board] is moderate, but the [pleasant] words show willingness to be interested, which I do hope can be followed up, as I continue to be impressed [page 3] by the segregation of the English & the French. I have had no answer from Prof. Adams, so I think the English Settlement Houses must be taking very little interest in the work of the Adult Education Association, as far as the general Settlement movement goes. Perhaps individual houses are, but I have not known to whom to [apply] to discover just which ↑ones↓ were. If I had expected such lack of knowledge from one to [page 4] another I would have written a letter to be sent to them all. I rather wish I had, as the answers would have been interesting & made a connection between me & them, individually at least. Are you to be in England when you come back & have you any way to propose to awaken the English to the fact that the French exist and need their collective interest? or ↑[individual] one too.↓

With many thanks for your kind note, gratefully yours,

Ellen Coolidge.

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