Alvin J. Miller to Jane Addams, April 5, 1921



April the 5th. 1921.
Miss Jane Addams.
American Relief for Russian Women and Children.
Chicago, Ill.

My dear Miss Addams,

You will be interested to learn that our organization is arranging to take up again the work of relief in south Russia. I am leaving Constantinople tomorrow for [Novorossiysk]. From there I hope to go to Crimea and the regions directly north of the peninsula, returning as soon as possible to report on the conditions and possibility of operating in that area.

The Soviet representative in Constantinople from the Russian [cooperatives] is very favorable toward our plans and is willing to assist in opening the work.

There is no doubt that the need will be great in the south of Russia as well as the north. Last summer I had charge of the American Red Cross unit in Simferopol, Crimea, and thus was in a position to learn the needs of the country. Since then the evacuation and its attendant waste must have increased the misery.

If it is possible to carry on relief work I shall go in to Russia to help the needy regardless of race, religion, or political faith. Our program is not a denominational one.

May I hope for your interest and sympathy in our efforts at humanitarian service in a Christian spirit.

Very sincerely,

Alvin J. Miller [signed]
↑Acting Director for South Russia↓

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