Arias Bernal, María (1884-1923)

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John M. Koelsch


I am an independent researcher looking into the life of the Mexican educator and revolutionary activist María Arias Bernal.  A google search brought me to the page on Ms. Arias Bernal within the context of your project.  I am thinking that perhaps Ms. Arias Bernal had some connection with Jane Addams that might be worthwhile to see, for the purpose of expanding my research.  Perhaps it is nothing, but if you can open this link for me, I would be most grateful - so that I can see whatever the connection might be.  Thank you.  Regards, John M. Koelsch

Cathy Moran Hajo

Hi John,

Maria Arias Bernal is mentioned in four documents from 1920-1922 regarding peace work in Mexico. We have not yet cleared copyright on the authors of those documents, so they do not yet appear on the public site.

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