Jenkin Lloyd Jones to Jane Addams, November 9, 1908


November 9, 1908.

Miss Jane Addams,
The Hull House, Chicago.

Dear Miss Addams:-

This Mr. Beals is here. As you may suspect, the enclosed editorial in UNITY was written by Mr. Mead, who endorses him highly, and his face and presence justify the endorsement. He comes with orders to help and to stay until the thing is done. I feel now that we ought to take the matter up where it was left off when Mr. & Mrs. Mead left us. I have written Dr. Hirsch and Judge Mack similar notes to this. Much depends, in the successful launching of a meeting next spring, on securing Dr. Hirsch's [cooperation]. I still can think of no better man for the Chairmanship. You and I can work better down the list a ways; at least I can.

I am so busy this week that I cannot find a crack of time. I am in hopes that we can arrange for a little conference, perhaps at some lunch table down town or at the Hull House, at which Dr. Hirsch, Mr. Beals, Judge Mack and myself can confer with you. I am ready to help in every way I can. Now that politics is out of the way and the "air is cleared, with prosperity come", so they say, perhaps we can have a little time for ideals.

Hastily but cordially yours,


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