Alice Stone Blackwell to Jane Addams, April 17, 1921


3 Monadnock St. Boston 25, Mass.

April 17, 1921.

Dear Miss Addams:

As you will doubtless remember Talaat Bey was one of the three men responsible for the Armenian deportations and massacres. He fled to Germany, and was lately assassinated there by a young Armenian.

The Armenians in this country and their sympathizers are desirous if possible to save this boy from being executed. An Armenian will probably come to see you soon in regard to this matter, to try to enlist your cooperation. I shall be grateful for any advice [page 2] or help you may be able to give him as to possible ways of bringing influence to bear upon the German courts. Talaat had deserved his fate a thousand times over (if your memory needs refreshing, read Henry Morgenthau's book), but unless pressure can exerted in some way, I fear the young Armenian will pay with his life for his act of righteous retribution.

Do please give the Armenian committee your very best advice.

Always affectionately yours,

Alice Stone Blackwell.

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