Graham Taylor to Jane Addams, December 13, 1920


Dec. 13/20

My dear Miss Addams,

The old Christmas [mood] is ever new -- with the sheer joy of young life, the cheer it has for "the long afternoon" and the hope that shines from beyond these stars which happen to shine ↑or hide↓ overhead.

May you have [your own] full share of it all -- and much of it reflected from the light you have let [page 2] into other lives.

We have been like ships that pass in the night lately -- as our driftings or steerings have diverged. But we have never failed to "speak"- - have We? -- Even though going in opposite directions.

Through all our years here your Counsel and fellowship have meant much to Mrs Taylor and me, as [page 3] well as to each of our children. It may gratify you to know that neither she nor I would reclaim an hour or a dollar we have invested here in the human service you helped to make possible -- these 27 years. Now that I have release from the exactions and frictions of the School of Civics, I am glad to be free to round out what I can yet do to establish more firmly [page 4] the financial foundation of Chicago Commons so that they will long outlast me -- and also [develop] the type of work and spirit which we have striven to set here.

Be assured that my interest in all you do at Hull House and elsewhere is ever keen and that you will ever be, as you have so long been, as true a comrade as I ever have had. With a Merry Christmas and [Many?] a happy New Year to you.

Sincerely Your Friend Graham Taylor.