Aino Malmberg to Jane Addams, December 1, 1920

19, Nikolaigatan

Dec. 1st 1920

Dear Miss Addams,

It seems to be ages since I have heard a word from friends in America. So much has happened and the world has changed altogether. Not for ↑the↓ better, but for ↑the↓ worse …

Two years ago I came back to Finland to nurse my sick son. On the last of July this year I lost him. He was not only my son but my dearest friend. The thing that was nearest to his heart was peace work which makes that work doubly sacred now ↑to me.↓ I have been lecturing here and told them all I know and remember about you, and my audiences want to hear more. I am therefore writing to you asking you kindly to help me by sending me a photograph of you and some biographical notes. When I left America two years ago I was not allowed to take with me any written or printed material, so even the little I had collected is still in New York. I wanted very much to return there but being a peace woman I am of course very "dangerous", and cannot get my passport visaed. But after all it makes no difference. There is work everywhere, and since my son cannot any more come with me as we had planned, and I cannot take him to a better climate, it makes no difference where I am myself.

It is inspiring to hear about such work, such devotion, such faith, as yours, and therefore I want very much to write about you to a Finnish magazine. We need all the help now that we can get, because the present time here is horrible. Never could I dream of such reaction which is now prevailing in Finland. The worst elements seem suddenly to have come to the surface, and all life seems to consist of stealing, lying, slandering, betraying. It is worse than the worst Russian time under the Czar's reign. But I suppose it is of no use complaining and we have to go through it. If we fail -- well it cannot be helped. I cannot at all imagine what is going to happen to Europe. The war seems to have killed even more souls than bodies.

Hoping that you will have strength to go through this horrible time and with best [greetings] to all friends at Hull House

Yours very sincerely

Aino Malmberg [signed]