Yella Fuchs Hertzka to Jane Addams, August 19, 1920

19, August 1920.

My dear Miss Addams,

On the first of September I am leaving Anvers for the United States. The aim of my travel is in first line: that the funds, which are collected for the repatriation of war-prisoners from [Vladivostokcould be used for their repatriation from Estland and Finland too. Here we have namely the greatest masses of prisoners waiting for their transport to their since 6 years missed homes and families and in need of ships we are unable to help them. We are afraid that these 100,000 [men] have to endure all the pains [and] sufferings of a seventh winter. I hope to further this question in America with success. After this I should like to visit my dear friends there. Mrs Pethick Lawrence will probably come too. In this case -- as Madeleine Doty is writing -- there will be arranged lectures for us.

I myself of course can’t judge, whether it would be good or not to speak publicly. If they would ask it from me, I shall [page 2] do it and in this case I should like to speak about the topic: the revision of the peace treaties.

I don’t come at all to speak publicly, but I am very glad to [illegible] have opportunity to speak with you about the future of our league. When I shall be able to visit Chicago is at present quite unknown, but please do let me know when I can find you in Chicago between the time from the 15th September till the 30th October? Or are you staying temporary in another city? Your communications will reach me under: c/o Rector Trading Co 120. Liberty Street, New York.

Yours very sincerely

Yella Hertzka [signed]

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