Clara Schlee Laddey to Jane Addams, January 11, 1921


Newark, January 11th 1921.
493 Summer Ave.

My dear Miss Addams: --

Undoubtedly you remember your New Jersey people, who are trying so very hard to build up again, what the war has torn down. A year and a half ago our beloved chairman, Mrs. Buttenheim, resigned. I am acting chairman for a year, determined to hold on for better times. We changed the name of the organization to New Jersey group of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom. I became a direct member of the League in order to receive all its doings and to be able to communicate everything to our group. Your letter of welcoming me as an International Member was very much appreciated. Since a half year we have a new chairman, Mrs. Ralph [page 2] S. Foss. Her husband is a Dane, Mrs. Foss an American. She is not very well and I have to be acting chairman for a little while again. We have again about 35 members, have raised our dues from  $1 to 2 Dollars, in order to become national members as a body. I shall not trouble you to tell [you] [illegible] all the difficulties we have met; you know the circumstances only too well. But I am not discouraged, but realize that we have to work with ready made audiences, as we do not succeed to get it under the auspices of the Peace League. I am writing [today], because we need you. Through the cooperation of one of our new members, who is chairman of American Citizenship in the State Federation, a big meeting is planned which will have a Statewide attendance, if Jane Addams will be the speaker. We are glad to pay all expenses, and I hope, that you can come to us sometime in February. I have put the situation before you and you can judge how important your coming is for our cause in New Jersey. We promise you a full house and will be so grateful to you! Be so kind and wire me at my expense 2 or 3 dates, when you can come, as we like to know in order to make all the necessary preparations: Renting of hall, notices, s. f. which letter will be sent to clubs consisting of 20,000 women. It is a [wonderful] opportunity for the New Jersey group and [therefore] we appeal to our International President.

Yours most Sincerely and devotedly,

Clara S. Laddey