Emily Greene Balch to Ishabel Majoribanks Hamilton-Gordon, August 9, 1920

6 rue du Vieux College --
August 9th, 1920.
Lady [Marchioness] ↑Aberdeen↓,
[illegible] Skien
[illegible] [Christiania],

The Womens International League for Peace and Freedom would be glad to be represented by a fraternal delegate at the Christiania meeting of the International Committee of Women if we are entitled to join this privilege.

Our Executive Committee at its annual meeting last June voted to invite members of our Norwegian Section to represent us, and we desire accordingly to nominate as our fraternal delegates

Dr. Emily Arnesen.

Mrs. Martha Larsen.

If one only, and only one delegate is allowed kindly accept Dr. Emily Arnesen.

With the pleasantest remembrance of your call some months ago and regrets that I cannot be at Christiania myself,

I am faithfully yours,