Emily Greene Balch to Jane Addams, November 2, 1920



6, rue du Vieux-Collège

November 2, 1920.

Dear Miss Addams,

I have only just now heard from Dr. Hamilton in reply to my letter of August 17 asking that some one should undertake to secure the necessary material for the application for the Nobel Prize for you. She writes in fact that she doubts whether it is wise to make the application. You will understand that since it was voted to make the application by our Executive Committee I have no authority to reverse their decision, and a vote by mail (even if one of the Executive Committee asked for reconsideration) would be difficult. This as to the formal side of the matter. As to its substance I believe that it is quite worth while to make the effort and that it is by no means impossible that we may succeed. As I understand it is not at all a question of a publicity campaign but of individual supporting letters from persons who appreciate what your work all these years has meant. I enclose a copy of my letter to Dr. Hamilton which touches on this point. I am writing to Mrs. Cothren asking her to find some one who will secure the material and supply it to me at once. I hope that all this is not too unpleasant and troublesome to you and that you will help us as far as you can, especially I hope that you will help us with suggestions. When you were here you left with me a list of English addresses. Would there be any objection to my supplying these to our British branch as a list of people who might be interested in seconding the application?

I am distressed that the matter has been delayed so long. I wrote to America about it in August to several people and on November 1st I get the first and only reply although I thought that I had made my letter very urgent. Of course, I know and appreciate the reasons for such a delay, but I am just as sorry that it had to be so. -– I have long been meaning to write you a longer and more personal letter and hope to get to it soon.

The “Masion Internationale” is proving a great asset I think. We already have furniture given or promised for 4 rooms and some small gifts of money. -– Miss Marshall comes [tomorrow] to help us with the League of Nations.

↑Yours always affectionately as you well know↓

Emily G. Balch [signed]