Emily Greene Balch to Mary Mills Patrick, August 5, 1920


[illegible letterhead]

Dr. Patrick,
Hotel Bellevue,
Cortina d'Ampezzo,
6 rue du Vieux College
August 5th. 1920.

Dear Dr. Patrick,

Your letter of July 20. gave me great pleasure, the more that you make our proposed Balkan trip seem by just so much the nearer to [realization].

Only alas, it looks as if we must postpone it by some months both because I think I ought to be here at the time when the Assembly of the League of Nations is meeting in Geneva and also to have time to knit up the necessary connections and to secure the requisite funds.

If we come in the spring what would be the best time? or what would be the earliest time? that you would recommend? And would your welcome extend to the changed plan?

I have been talking with Dr. Nasmyth who is very encouraging as to the practicability of such a tour. I also had an opportunity yesterday to talk with Mr. Noel Buxton who is likewise encouraging. Both of them will suggest addresses and I hope that you will do the same especially as regards alumnae of the college.

Dr. Nasmyth tells me that he is writing to you in regard to attending the conference to be held at Beatenberg. If you do come to Switzerland shall you not pass through Geneva? I hope so, and of course you will in that case, let me have the pleasure of seeing you, will you not?

Miss Joannides has just returned to Constantinople after completing her studies here. I hope to see her again if I realize my hope of getting to the East this spring.

Faithfully yours,