Emily Greene Balch to Jane Addams, April 1920


Dear Miss Addams

I have just received a letter from Brent Allinson asking for renewed efforts in his behalf.

I am writing right & left and Mr. Nasmyth who is here will do the same. If this could be widened into a more or less considerable “drive” for his release might it not have some effect? Would you, could you help. Mr. Nasmyth thinks that if he were released it would ease the situation for all the C. O. prisoners.

I have just heard that todays Swiss vote on entering the L. of N. is affirmative.

This has of course a personal bearing since we voted at Zurich to have an office at the place selected as the seat of the L. of N. So I take a deep breath & will see if we can [page 2] renew our lease which expires June 6 for another 12 months on fair terms and if not look for another office.

Mrs. Swanwick arrives tomorrow morning and I am looking forward with great satisfaction to having her judgment in this and many other matters.

The Zurich reports seems really almost done at last.

Yours always affectionately,

Emily G Balch

Helen Cheever also sends her love. How I wish you were coming.