Irene Osgood to Jane Addams, September 12, 1908


Sept. 12, 1908.

Miss Jane Addams,
Hull House, Chicago.

Dear Miss Addams:

In talking with Professor Commons about coming down to Chicago, I find that he can probably stop over on his return from the East, October 25, as conveniently as he could this next Tuesday when he leaves to go East; and since you think October will be a better month, he will make his arrangements accordingly. I am not sure that Dr. Ely can come down at that time. He is out of the city now, and I will take up with him as soon as he returns. Professor Commons is anxious that I should go down to do a few preliminary things, and I am anxious to see several people who I think will join our Association. What time do you think will be best to get together the people who are interested in the subject? Any time will be convenient for me, although I should be glad if I could attend the Trade Union Labor Conference at the same time. I hope very much Miss Breckinridge will be back [page 2] by that time. A letter from her from London stated that she was very anxious to have a branch of the Association started in Chicago.

Trusting to hear from you soon, and thanking you most heartilly for your cooperation, I am,

Very truly yours,