Fritz Max Otto Neumann to Jane Addams, April 10, 1920


American Convalescent Home for Vienna’s Children


April 10, 1920.

Miss Jane [Addams],
Hull House,
Chicago, Ill.

My dear Miss [Addams]: --

A great deal has been written about Vienna, but no description could more drastically picture the plight of the stricken City than the following [dispatch]: “During the week ending February 14th 1920, in Vienna 1032 deaths -- mostly among Children -- were recorded as against 8 births.”

This terrific death rate among children is due to the lack of care after severe illness or operations. The enclosed translation of an official communication from Vienna speaks for itself. The affliction of those children is appalling and we ask ourselves: -- Can nothing be done? Must we calmly watch the extermination of a whole race? The answer is suggested in the above communication: -- A

CONVALESCENT HOME FOR VIENNA’S CHILDREN, will save the lives of thousands of children who would otherwise fall a prey to loathsome disease and become a burden to themselves and others.

We would be neglecting our duty if we did not go the limit to bring relief and therefore we have offered the Mayor of Vienna to maintain a Convalescent Home and keep as many children as possible for the period of their convalescence.

It is for this HOME that we solicit your wholehearted and generous [cooperation]. The HOME is not a temporary undertaking; it is a

MONUMENT TO HUMANITY which will bear witness for ever and ever of the brotherly love extended to the innocent sufferers of Vienna. Its effect will make itself felt for generations yet unborn.

Please help us. Help immediately, generously and enthusiastically!

Yours for true humanity


by Dr. F Neumann [signed]
Enc. Transl.s
Ret. Envel.
Sub. Blk.