Florence Taylor to Jane Addams, July 30, 1920

American Relief for Russian Women and Children
[Cooperating] with American Friends Service Committee
Room 1318, 19 South La Salle, Chicago

Chicago, July 30, 1920.

Dear Miss Addams:

We had a small group committee meeting yesterday to clear up one or two odds and ends of business, such as the New Republic advertisement and the question whether we should undertake organizing in New York at the present time.

During the meeting the question was raised whether we had a definitely constituted executive committee and as there was some doubt on this point, it was suggested that the following names be sent to you for approval. At one meeting of the general committee it was voted that the chairman and the executive secretary appoint the executive committee, so that if you approve this list I suppose we may consider that we have a properly appointed executive committee. If there are changes or additions you think should be made, please make them, and then I will formally notify the elect of the exalted duty to which they have been called.

Grace Abbott, Chr.
Jane Addams
Dr. Hamilton
Isaac Don Levine
Robert M. Lovett
Father Ross
Mrs. Esther Kohn
Samuel Levin
Graham R. Taylor
Samuel Holland

Perhaps one of the Friends should be added. Which would be the best?

The Russians have organized their own committee and are having a large meeting tonight to raise money. We thought by having Mr. Holland on our executive committee we would have a good connection, not close enough to be embarrassing to either side. [page 2]

In regard to the question of organizing in other cities, it was decided to secure if possible from the League of Free Nations the list of 350 people over the country to whom their petition was sent. This group might be asked to become members of this committee, making it national in scope, and to do as much as possible in their own communities. The question can be decided by the officially appointed executive committee at its first meeting.

Will you let me know immediately whether the list meets with your approval as we want to call an executive committee meeting as soon as we hear from you.

I hope you are having a delightful rest in Colorado. I have been very pleasantly surprised by Chicago's summer weather -- it has far surpassed anything I had dared hope.


Florence Taylor [signed]