Rudolf Jentzsch to Jane Addams, May 14, 1920


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Transcription Difficulty


Transcription Difficulty

Frankfurt, May 14, 1920

Youth welfare office

Dear Mrs. !

The master baker Eugen Zindel, No. 184 Broad Str. Stapleton St. Island New York, allegedly a relative of the two kids Hedwig, born 1.1.[08?] and Eugen Häuslein, born 19.5.10 is interested in these two children and would like to pick them up from here soon. He wrote us the transcript of the enclosed letter and we discussed the matter in an official meeting. It was pointed out by the Commissioner Mrs. Bauer that if children were to be sent to America, they could get lost there because of the lack of registration system. Therefore, caution should be exercised before deciding. At the same time, Ms. Bauer has provided your address so ↓that we↑ can I would refer ↓ask↑ you, dear Ms., to provide impeccable information about ↓Mr.↑ Eugen Zindel. We ask you to do so promptly [page 2] and would be very grateful if we could have an answer very soon.

The children have already been picked up and taken care of by another relative Mr. Johannes Erb from Cannstatt Charlottenstr. 61. Mr. Erb has stated that he wanted to keep them until Mr. Zindel picked them up from him.

↓Yours faithfully↑

↓[Signature illegible]↑

Jane [Addams],
Hull House
Chicago U.S.A.

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