Olga Popper Misař to Emily Greene Balch, January 15, 1920


Olga Misar writes under date of January 15:

Vienna, 15th January 20.

Dear Miss Balch,

This time I have very sad new to tell you.

My dear friend and comrade, Frau Leopoldine Kulka, died suddenly on the 2nd of January. She was well and busy as usual when I saw her last and only after a few days I heard the sad news that she became unwell when at a friend's on New Year's Eve, then towards morning she felt much worse and the Doctor found her suffering from Influenza. On the first of January she was taken to a Hospital and next morning, before any of her friends could be informed she died. We are all so dreadfully sorry that it came so quickly and that nobody had time to show her any kindness or to help in any way. Though I am sure nobody could have helped any more, as a bad Inflammation of the Lungs set in directly.

Frau Kulka was my best friend and I am very sad indeed to have lost her.

I am enclosing a short article that I wrote about her and if you wish to have it for the next number of Pax et Libertas you may reprint it, as I am sure many of her friends will be pleased with this last service we [can] do to her.

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