Jane Addams to Salmon Oliver Levinson, December 4, 1919


December 4th, 1919

My dear Mr. Levinson:

I am venturing to remind you of the very generous check for one hundred dollars which you contributed to Hull-House last Dec, in the hope that you may care to renew it for this year. Candor compels me to state that it was an usually large one and we would be grateful for a check of the usual denomination.

While the cost of maintaining our group of twelve buildings has, of course, increased enormously, all of our clubs are filled to overflowing, especially with men and boys. Those who have come back from overseas and the camps seem especially eager for educational advantages and for the wider contacts with American life.

How do you feel about the present situation concerning the League of Nations? I hope for an opportunity to talk with you about it.

Faithfully yours,

Jane Addams [signed]