Edward Scott Beck to Jane Addams, November 19, 1919

The Chicago Tribune

CHICAGO November 12, 1919

Miss Jane Addams
Hull House

Dear Miss Addams:

I have delayed replying to your letter of November 10 while looking up the transcript of evidence in the Ford-Tribune trial to see just what Mr. Ford and Mr. Marshall said in regard to you and your sentiments.

We are using tonight the statement in your letter to Mr. Van Allen, and with it enough of the Marshall and Ford testimony to make clear to the public what it was they credited to you.

We are glad to have opportunity to clear up this matter. I may add that neither the paper nor our lawyers ever gave any serious attention to Mr. Marshall's attempt to accredit you with originating the "murderer" soldier sentiment. Tiffany Blake was one of the witnesses called in the trial last summer. Mr. Ford's lawyers asked him, in the course of a long examination, if you made the "murderer" statement regarding soldiers. Mr. Blake replied in effect that he could not swear as to that, but he did not believe you ever said such a thing; that it did not sound like any utterance you could make.

I mention this to indicate that we gave the Marshall statement no serious credence. I am glad that your letter enables us to make the denial public.

I believe you are in error in one phrase, however, -- that the matter came out during the trial "in an effort to entrap Mr. Ford." My impression was that Mr. Ford's published interview used the phrase in question and that the bringing in of your name was part of an effort by Marshall to aid Mr. Ford -- to clear him of part of the onus (in the public mind) of entertaining such a sentiment.

Another matter I beg to mention is the statement that Edward Marshall is or has been an employee of the New York Times. The Times has a staff man, Ernest Marshall, but Mr. Van Anda says Edward Marshall has not at any time been in their employ; except that some years ago they [page 2] (along with other papers) bought and used a number of his interviews.

With kinds wishes, I am,

Yours faithfully,

E. S. Beck [signed]

Managing Editor.