Emily Greene Balch to Maria-Ivanna Wojakiwska Hrushveska, December 31, 1919


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Mrs. Marie Hruchevska

Hotel de Paris,


Geneva, December 31, 1919

Dear Mrs. Hruchevska,

I should have written to you on Monday, but I hope you will apologize. Everyone is absent for the holidays or sick. For me it is a source of real happiness to know that you and Mrs Tchikalenko are interested in [illegible] Ukrainian collaboration <for peace> for which all women should really come together.

I send you herewith the card that you will be willing to sign to be received as an associate. I also send you at the same time all the resolutions voted in Zurich, in English, and part of the same resolutions in French. Very soon we hope to have them <complets> in French. I will send them to you then. As well as <I [illegible - you?] Now also send> 3 copies of a brochure published by our English section, etc.

Do you know Miss N. Geurgin from Laval? She visited me once here at the office and expressed great interest in our League. She was going to leave for Rome where her uncle represented [Ukraine]. Since then she went to Paris with [page 2] this same uncle in Paris, where he is the head of the [Ukrainian House].

Would you like to get in touch with her and encourage her to find you members in the Ukrainian coloinie in France?

I'm still waiting for the materials you promised me on the situation in [Ukraine]. I am just starting these days preparing our new journal.

Receive, Madam, my very best regards,