Lydia Chichmanova to Emily Greene Balch, December 21, 1919


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21, ↑Dec 1919↓ Sunday evening.

Dear Miss Balch,

I am pleased to announce that today the Ukrainian ladies gathered in session have elected a provisional county which will take the necessary steps to form a Ukrainian section of the League for Peace and Freedom.

They invited me as an advisory voice and I exposed to them all that I saw and felt beautiful and consoling at the Zurich Congress.

The Committee thus constituted:

President: Mrs. Hrouchevski (wife of the [president] of the first Ukrainian Rada which was dissolved by the Germans when they occupied Ukraine. Mr. Hrouchevski is the well-known scholar and historian. His wife is very honorable, Ukrainian Calioie, a mature woman.

Secretary: Mrs. Tchikalenko-Keller, (Fill of the writer) A very educated lady having studied in Edinburgh and elsewhere. Perfectly in its place. (Note bans!)

Cashiers: Mrs. Doutzow (wife of a well-known journalist) Very energetic and very capable and Mrs. Choulgine -- wife of the Prime Minister of Foreign Affairs and Ambassador to Sofia and member of the Paris Mission - now on availability. Ms. Choulguine is a female doctor.

The Committee is thus made up of people whom I can recommend with both hands.

Mrs. Hrouchevski, who lives in Geneva, will ask you to receive her for a little while to chat and orient herself. Ms. Tchikalenko will also come. Will you be next Saturday December 27 in Geneva and at the office?

Please tell me when Miss Gobat to Bern? Who does not forget to come to my house as she promised me?

I wish you both a happy birthday and good health and lots of warmth. With best regards Lydia [Chichmanova].