Emily Greene Balch to Jane Addams, August 29, 1919


Dear Miss Addams,

This appeal for food for the Austrian Children came in to us here. I went at once to see Mr. Persons of the Red Cross about it. He advised me to write to Hoover for advice. I did so at once but have had no answer till a letter came under date of August 9 to say Mr. Hoover was away on a two weeks' trip to Central Europe and "unfortunately no one here has any information on the German-Austrian-American Committee you refer to". The letter would be brought to Mr. Hoover's attention at the earliest opportunity on his return. And we can imagine how much that will mean.

Madame Ramondt has answered the Austrian letter saying I was sending it on to you and to Miss Wald.

Is there anything that could or should be done?

Yours always affectionately,

Emily Balch (signed)

↑Aug 29" 1919↓