Emily Greene Balch to Jane Addams, October 11, 1919

19, Bd Georges-Favon GENEVA

Geneva, October 11, 1919.

↑Dear Miss Addams,↓

After having gone over the replies of the Executive Committee in regard to our organ I should like to propose the solution explained in the enclosed draft for a circular which I should suggest sending not ↑out↓ with the next (November) News Sheet. Please let me have your opinion and objections, if any, immediately on receipt of this if possible.

I am suggesting retaining the colorless but descriptive title NEWS SHEET for the present as I fear PAX ET LIBERTAS might in some countries under not too improbable circumstances hinder our circulation.

I should like to have a copy of the next issue go to every individual member of the National Sections if this is practicable, otherwise at least to every organized group or subsection. What is your opinion of this?

Yours cordially

Emily Balch, Secretary.