Emily Greene Balch to Jane Addams, August 4, 1919


Address Geneva 19 Bd Georges Favon

August 4/19

Dear Miss Addams

I am here with L G Heymann & Dr Auspurg with M'lle Rolland an hour away and ready to join us as soon as the conference can receive us which apparently will not be till Wed. I arrived Friday night and am impatient at the delay but suppose it can't be helped.

Before leaving Geneva I had a letter from you from Holland just before the date set for your [page 2] sailing and yesterday I received here forwarded from Geneva your letter Chemnitz (a funny thing is that either the person who forwarded ↑sent↓ it [illegible] for you or somebody cut off your autograph sacrificing [illegible] half of two lines on the first page rather necessary to the sense!)

I think I can talk over the German situation with Miss Heymann and that we can plan things along the lines you suggest.

There are various organization questions before us.

Australia -- do our friends from [Victoria?] represent N. So Wales, New Zealand and South Australia. Should the latter 3 not have their own [consultative] members. Why not?

I am considering that ↑[the?]↓ Bylaw no 1 (associate members) "all individuals" means to include [men and am] accepting such. I am also assuming a [page 3] a right to remit the 25 francs on occasion (It looks [big?] to me -- stricken Europeans).

I am just sending out a long circular letter to the Ex Com. and to sections for their [consultative] members taking up various points some for voting [or] some by way of information. I trust it will reach you all right. It deals especially with the Sheepshanks Pax et Libertas matter. [page 4]

Mr. Nasmyth is due to arrive in Geneva today; and Miss Playne in Berne on Saturday (July Aug 9) for an effort to get the Berne Bureau for International Peace and others including Fried to confer as to activating that or some other central international peace body. She says "We chiefly want to convince the International Peace bureau people of the fact that the war has wrought great changes and that the newer bodies like the WILPF are stronger & more alive than many of the old societies."

I wrote you a letter about July 23 mailed to you ↑in↓ London & Dutch Holland and Berlin and I hope one or another copy may reach you not too much delayed in America. I did hope to catch you before you leave f left but made a mistake about dates. [page 5]

The question of the economic [investigation] through a Central Committee as suggested by Miss Leaf is one we have never really faced. We are not out in shape in Geneva to handle anything so big as yet and I am glad to hear the Fight the Famine Council may undertake it. Then we must cooperate. Is this really not a better solution than for us to do it primarily ourselves. [page 6]

I trust this will find you not too tired from the voyage and enjoying decent weather.

It is lovely here. I wish you might have had a Swiss holiday to end with.

With love, as always,

Emily Balch.