Sophonisba P. Breckinridge to Jane Addams et al., March 7, 1919

March 7,

In March ↑May↓ of last year, you contributed $2.00 (?) to the work of the Immigrants' Protective League. Since that time, we have cut our expenses by moving from Michigan Avenue to South Halsted Street and have reduced our staff and have yet been able to maintain a high level of work. Miss Abbott is still on leave of absence in the service of the Government -- she is now in Europe ↑will return [illegible] first↓  -- but the work of the League has probably never been more needed than it will be during the coming months of adjustment. I hope that you will feel like ↑re↓ contributing ↑continuing↓ your support.

Very truly yours,

Secretary. [page 2]

Attached letter sent to the following people: --

Miss Jane Addams Hull House, 800 South Halsted Street,

Mrs. Ivan Bregowsky 1222 East 54th Street,

Harry A. Lipsky, Esq., 1214 South Halsted Street,

Joseph H. Nicolai, Esq., 4648 Kenmore Avenue,

Jaroslav J. Zmrhal, Esq., 1869 Millard Avenue,

William C. Graves, Esq., Sears Roebuck & Company,

Mrs. Tiffany Blake, 25 East Washington Street,

Mrs. Israel Cowen 437 East 48th Street,

Charles W. Folds, Esq., 208 South LaSalle Street,

Mrs. Esther Kohn, Hull House, 800 South Halsted Street,

Alfred L. Baker, Esq., 141 South LaSalle Street,

Mrs. Maurice L. Goodkind, 5450 Cornell Avenue,

Prof. George H. Mead, 1537 East 60th Street.

George Pick, Esq., 111 West Monroe Street,

Miss E. V. Rumsey, 40 East Huron Street,