Richard C. Cabot to Jane Addams, October 15, 1907



On Train to Boston. Oct 15. 1907.

Dear Miss Addams

This visit has opened my eyes to the existence of a [track] of life so full of rich, growing & beautiful things that I am going home refreshed and encouraged, -- [reinforced] in all my ideals. I wanted to say  this & more to you after the session Monday afternoon. You will believe me that only the pressing need to catch my home train prevented my trying to express to you ↑then↓ my gratitude & appreciation for all the insights & opportunities which you have given us. You must I think have done just what you wanted to do for us & I want you to be glad in knowing how full & square you hit the mark at which you aimed.

I expected to find at Hull House a group of earnest, hospitable, social experts, deep in the problems at which all social workers are engaged [page 2] But I was quite taken off my feet by the sense of vitality, elasticity, freshness & vigor in the place & people. Why you are without exception the most exciting set of people I have met! Part of what I mean is exemplified in the your theatre & all that is stands for. Such a splendid sane idea to have & use a theatre in a settlement!

Then you are so restful, everyone busy but no one looking worried or overweighed or restless. No doubt the beauty of your house -- the note of "[illegible]" & of eternity which I felt again & again in your pictures, your color scheme & your faces -- keeps you balanced & on solid ground.

I feel unsatisfied to have given so little to the House --if it was nothing more than to have played or sung for my supper (like the hero of Mother Goose). Please give me a change to be of some use to you all when I come again. Meantime will you allow me the privilege of contributing the enclosed small check & please put me on the mailing list for everything that Hull House gets out. 

Most gratefully yours Richard C Cabot

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