Catherine Breshkovsky to Ellen Gates Starr February 12, 1919


12 February 1919


Dear and very agreeable friend Ellen Starr! It is at a table of my room in Washington, in immense [Line?], made for thousand guests and more perhaps that I write to you for the first time after our [visit] to the elephant. Yet I thought many, many times at you, dear, amiable friend, for your lovely [behavior] towards me [always] leave a tender impression for [page 2] a long time. I did not write to nobody all this two weeks in New-York, for I [could] not reasonably dispose of my days and hours and feel tired without have done some useful thing. People have the desire to speak every one separately from others and it takes too much time and both side are unsatisfied. I, because I am never free, -- people having no possibility to have chance to [speak] every one. Now I see myself that my forces cannot [page 3] [bear] for a long time such mode of life, and must be carefully. -- [Today] it is a great festival and a number of suffragist [assist] at [splendid] dinner. I have the [honor] to be invited and came just to take a [illegible] before it and say to you, my beloved friend that I never forget you and remain grateful for your ... 13 February, Yesterday we had a dinner and many good speaker. [Today] I shall [have] some talks with several persons. [page 4]

Dear Ellen Starr! your elephant is always sorry not to speak as well as I should. Many, many things and questions are misunderstood and my very heart [aches?] being mute.

Yet I have great hope, that my true friends like Jane [Addams] and you, her faithful aid will do all your possible to forward the issue of my mission to a better end.

I kiss you, dear Ellen with much love and hope to see you again.

Catherine or your old Elephant [page 5]

Miss Ellen Starr
[Hull] House Chicago Ill.
[Halsted] Street

from C. Breshkovsky.

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