Alice Thacher Post to Jane Addams, September 25, 1918

September 25, 1918.

My dear Miss Addams:

It was very pleasant indeed to get your letter yesterday.

1. As far as I can see now I could attend a meeting of the Board in the last week in November or the first week in December, and at either New York or Boston.

2. I do not see why we should not hold an annual meeting this year in December or January as usual. Omission or postponement might look like indifference, or growing weakness, or fear.

Now we are good Americans, and are neither criticizing or obstructing our Government. Why should we not meet to talk over the life-and-death issues of the world, with respect for our government and the rules it is laying down for discussions as far as we understand them; with a passionate desire to serve our own nation and the great common life of the world; and lastly, with respect and affection for [each other] and discretion for our group activity.

If our membership should gather in a constructive spirit I think the meeting might be productive of good to more than the membership itself.

If, however, it is thought best not to hold an annual meeting I should approve a delegate meeting.

I am sending carbons of this to Mrs. Spencer and Mrs. Mead. 

In any case it will be a great pleasure to meet with the members of the Board.

Louis has been for a month in the Far West and South, speaking for the Department. I expect him back in a few days. I know he would gladly send a message if he were here.

Faithfully and affectionately yours,