Eleanor Daggett Karsten to International Committee of Women for Permanent Peace, Committee of Five, January 23, 1919 Also known as: Eleanor Daggett Karsten to Emily Greene Balch, January 23, 1919


January 23d, 1919

To the Members of the National Committee:

Miss Addams will be in Washington for the "Victory Dinner," ↑Etc.↓ on February 12th and 13th. She feels it would be clarifying if the members of the Committee of Five could meet and discuss the ↑international↓ situation. She could arrange for either Friday the fourteenth or Saturday, the fifteenth, either in Washington, or if this ↑it↓ is more convenient for the other members of the Committee, in Philadelphia. It could probably be arranged for the members to lunch together and have a quiet talk in either place.

Miss Addams has just received a cable of which I enclose a copy, imploring her to come at once to the headquarters. She cannot understand this unless it means that things are not going well at the International Office.

Will you kindly let Miss Addams know as soon as possible your preference in the matter of date and place of the suggested meeting.

Very sincerely yours,

Eleanor Daggett Karsten [signed]
Secretary to Jane Addams