Raymond Robins to Jane Addams, January 22, 1919


January 22, 1919

Dear Miss Addams:

Enclosed please find check for three hundred dollars for Miss Helena Dudley. I shall be obliged if you will see that she gets it at once on her arrival at Hull-House.

I got Miss Dudley to go out to the Coast to meet Babushka, hoping that she would be counseled to take a rest and look over the Russian situation as it now is, before making a statement. I was much more concerned for the dear old Grandmother's final position in history than for the effect one way or another of any statement she might make at this time upon the pending Russian situation. It seemed to me a rather terrible thing that this splendid old woman, who has given more than two score years of faithful service for Free Russia, should be used at this time in the interest of the reaction. It is now apparent that she is here as the special emissary of the Czecho-Slovak cause and in behalf of their intervention in domestic Russia at the instance of the Allied Imperialists.

I am entirely confident that Babushka is absolutely sincere in her advocacy of the Czecho-Slovak intervention, and that her sense of personal injury and the wrong she believes to have been done to her friends by the Soviet power quite justifies her position.

Give the dear old Mother my love. I am sure that you will do what you can to help her to a sense of security, comfort and peace.

With abiding regard,

Faithfully yours,

Miss Jane Addams.

(Dictated but not signed by Raymond Robins)

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