Jane Addams to Harold LeClair Ickes, January 11, 1919


January 11th, 1919

My dear Mr. Ickes:

I called at your office yesterday although I should have known that you would be very much absorbed with the meeting at the Congress Hotel.

I wish I knew just how much the rest of the Committee wanted me to speak on Sunday. If you are quite sure it is all right with them I should be glad to speak on Colonel Roosevelt as a social reformer. I am enclosing a little contribution I sent to a symposium in The Survey, which I could amplify into a speech.

I am sure, however, that I ought not to be on the Committee on Resolutions and that Miss Vittum would certainly do that better. If for any reason it seems best to the Committee to have her be the woman speaker, I am sure you know that I will not be sensitive and that I very much appreciate you having asked me.

Faithfully yours,

Jane Addams [signed]